DO Contact Center

With our integrations you can set up a contact center that can scale to support millions of customers in many lenguages as needed.

Efficient tools in one Ul to deliver productive customer conversations and improve CSAT

When customers call your team, how do they get connected to the right person quickly?

Whether your software offers automated call routing, or if customers need to select a department after listening to a set of options, it’s important to understand how your call routing will work. Many systems are complicated to update on the fly, with 
DO Contact Center service, you will be sure that all the hard work is in our side, so just have to answer the calls.

Build Trust with Your Customers

Whether calm seas or the middle of a storm, you can count with Dream Orange

Pay Only for What You Use

Pricing is based on the number of seats, usage, and features. If you only need 3 seats, you only pay for 3 seats. Changing that number is easy.

No Long-Term Contracts

Choose a month-to-month or annual plan. It's your choice. There are no long-term contracts to limit your flexibility.

No Infrastructure Costs

All you need is a computer, Internet, and a headset. Five9 is in the cloud, so there are no big up-front costs. No servers. No technicians. No maintenance.